THANKSGIVING, November 28, 2013

photokunst, an agency devoted to the marketing of photojournalism and ethnographic photography, opened its doors 15 years ago today. Initial clients included the New York Times Photo Archives, Phil Borges, Chris Rainier, Carol Beckwith – Angela Fisher and Al Wertheimer. Founding partners were Barbara Cox and Lynne Walker (ret.).

Over time our focus has shifted based on our photographers’ needs and our own evolving vision, turning the spotlight onto social, cultural and environmental topics on a global scale. We responded to this refined direction by developing and traveling museum exhibitions, collaborating on all phases of creating fine art photography books, branding, licensing and photo sales, as well as partnering with sponsors and NGOs.

Today photokunst has established a reputation in cause-oriented photography. We are approached by like minded photographers, institutions, publishers and clients on a regular basis. Upcoming projects include these topics: immigration, renewable energy, the marine environment, and loss of a cultural identity and belief system.

We would like to thank all those who have crossed our path over the years for sharing their projects and passion with us. We truly value their commitment to this genre of photography and share in their visions. We are deeply committed to the issues and photographers we partner with, using their work to illuminate as well as educate about some of the most serious concerns of our time.

Over the years, many have contributed to photokunst’s success either as photographers, clients, mentors, staff, industry partners, the media, sponsors and NGO’s. The list of names would be too lengthy to enumerate here, so we offer a collective THANK YOU on this day of Thanksgiving. We could not have achieved our success without you.

We have special plans for our upcoming 15th anniversary year, and will be in touch as our anniversary program evolves.

With gratitude,

Barbara Cox, Principal




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