Pricing & Sales Policies

Prices are to be understood in US dollars; and shipping costs are additional. Sales tax is added when applicable. The quoted price and/or availability of a photograph is subject to change without prior notification. Prices for limited edition photographs may increase as the edition sells.

Prices are finalized only upon a formal commitment to purchase. Please contact photokunst for the most current prices available. All print orders require payment in full at the time an order is placed, print fulfillment will be scheduled at that time. Print fulfillment times will vary, depending on photographer availability.

photokunst must be notified within 48 hours of receipt of an order shipment if there is a problem, otherwise sales are considered final.


Copyright Information

Artists’ images on the photokunst website are protected from infringement by U.S. Copyrights laws. All copyrights are held by each respective photographer. No person or entity, for any reason, may copy the photographs or images appearing on the pages of the photokunst website or included in other photokunst correspondence or communications without direct written permission from photokunst in the form of licensing permissions.

In the event of infringement, the infringer will be notified and invoiced triple the industry standard usage fee for unauthorized usage and/or prosecuted for Copyright Infringement in the United States District Court. Under the terms of the copyright statute, in addition to actual and punitive damages, the infringer may be required to pay court costs and attorneys’ fees.

Respect the property rights of the artists by NOT copying or otherwise using their work without permission.

All other content on this web site is the copyright of photokunst.

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