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THE CROSSING: An Atlantic Odyssey

The Crossing: An Atlantic Odyssey

Marissa Roth

From May 2015 to May 2019, Marissa Roth, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, embarked on seven transatlantic trips between New York City and Southampton, England, which she writes, “...could be considered my allegorical return journeys to Europe in homage to my mother and father, and, during the westward crossings, a retracing of their destiny.”

Fleeing what would become World War II and the Holocaust, Roth’s parents independently left their respective homes in Eastern Europe and sailed to America in late October of 1938 aboard the original Queen Mary, on which they met and fell in love. Their time on the stormy autumn seas proved to be more than just a pragmatic decision. It was also a romantic and prophetic passage not just across an ocean, but one from fear to hope and probable death to life.

These Atlantic sojourns helped Roth comprehend the experiences of her parents on their fateful transatlantic crossing, and became a canvas to study the geography of memory. These journeys sparked Roth’s creative impulse. In her introduction to the book, Roth writes:

“The notion of a crossing, an elongated singular journey that is an echo for the inner journey, was inspirited by my desire to experience what it feels like to cross an ocean and to also understand it from the perspective of emotion. Often, the sea state would mirror my own state of being. During the crossings, I kept journals and filled them with observations and musings that inspired the poetic prose that now accompanies the images; an inscape partnered with the seascapes.”

Roth’s resulting photographs are painterly, evocative and healing. Her exploration deepened as she continued to photograph the Atlantic, creating a compelling visual record. It has been our experience that the public is now hungry for beauty and timeless images of the natural world. This body of work will resonate deeply in today’s challenged environment.


“…the sea in these images steadies us as an object of contemplation, and yet it speaks for the moods, the images that ever keep shifting within us. It asks us where our home is, where we most truly belong, what is real and what imagined...”     —Pico Iyer, in his Foreword for THE CROSSING


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