Yeshi 13, Drigung Valley, Tibet by Phil Borges

Yeshi 13, Drigung Valley, Tibet

Yeshi was practicing her Tibetan script on a painted board in this small village school. I was amazed by the quality of her work. It was like some of the finest calligraphy I had seen. Her teacher was a Tibetan who had been educated in a Chinese run university. My interpreter told me that even though the Tibetan language was being taught the content of all their books on history and Tibetan culture were written from a Chinese perspective.

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<strong>Pemba 4, Trak Tok, Ladakh</strong> <strong>Ngawang 22, Dolma Ling Nunnery, India</strong> <strong>Dolkar 5 & Tashi 6, Dharamsala, India</strong>