Exhibition: 12ºN x 23ºE | 64ºS x 60ºE.

12ºN x 23ºE | 64ºS x 60ºE

Colin Finlay

Colin Finlay’s traveling exhibition and/or art installation, 2 versions of the same theme, illustrates the cause and effect of climate change in a most dramatic fashion, allowing the viewers to explore, discover and draw their own conclusions.

An exhibition without words, with powerful photographs showcasing the effects of global warming, the images depict the waning glaciers of Antarctica and the human suffering and famine in Sudan. Contrasting the driest inhabited place on Earth (war-torn and starvation-plagued Sudan) and the most imperiled accumulation of glaciers globally (Antarctica), 12ºN x 23ºE | 64ºS x 60ºE presents a dramatic intersection of art, science, and social awareness.

A second option, the art installation version adds drama due to its zig-zag configuration and potential size. It can be produced in any dimension for indoor or outdoor use and is folded in a zig zag fashion. From one end you see Antarctica in color, from the other Sudan, in black and white; “cause and effect”. The installation allows the viewer to explore one’s personal reaction to climate change. Inquire with photokunst about production details.

 “You have a 'walkular' experience as you traverse it [12 ºN x 23 E , 64 S x 60 E ].…the exhibition reveals different aspects of each terrain as you circle the images." —Colin Finlay


Exhibition Content
22 photographs / 2 versions
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Available 2017-2021+/- 70 ftTBDPlease Inquire
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