Exhibition: of consequence.

of consequence

Colin Finlay

Over the course of five distinct themes, and ten image groups covering twenty-five areas worldwide, the multimedia narrative, of consequence, explores the interrelationship between social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Asking the question What will the future inherit from us? this photographic essay explores the impacts of human decision making. From the endangered coral reefs of the Bahamas, to the coal stripped mountains of West Virginia, to the famine plagued deserts of Sudan, this exhibition speaks to the capacity for change and the possibility of an optimistic outcome in even the direst of situations. 

“i realize that the connective tissue, the oneness of us all, clearly rests before me in the form of a photograph. i see myself in every image, i see my dna, i see my soul, and the collective soul of humanity in each and every print.” —colin finlay

“His photojournalism, captured in the most remote corners of our world, is silent activism in breathtaking vividness and has been honored with every major accolade in the field” —Jovana J. Grbić, Creative Director of ScriptPhD

“Although unremitting sadness would seem the underlying theme of much of his work, Mr. Finlay brings the same probing tenacity to documenting natural wonders and everyday realities, often with bracing, life-affirming results.” —Impact Hub Santa Barbara

“He communicates a combination of marvel and dread – admiring the bluish desert oasis of the Bahamas during the full moon while capturing the waters being slowly sucked off the reefs.” —Caroline Pham, writer for GOOD Magazine, on Of Consequence project 


Exhibition Content
107 Mounted Photographs covering five distinct themes and ten image groups.
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