Valdir Cruz

Since 1994, Brazilian-born Valdir Cruz has taken photographs of the Yanomami Indians, a native tribe of both northern Brazil and remote regions of Venezuela whose lives and culture have been threatened by the encroachments of the modern world. Since the mid-1970’s, they have been devastated by disease and malnutrition caused by intruders into their isolated homelands. In his Faces of the Rainforest photographs, his work is a mediator for this society, unseen by outside eyes, and gives a lasting voice to the Yanomami people.

Also available is his Waterfall Series — a striking collection of photographs from his newest book, O Caminho das Águas. Through this work, Cruz, who has been deeply affected by the slow disappearance of waterfalls and entire river landscapes in Brazil due to construction projects, expresses what he feels is his sacred responsibility to document the threatened beauty of what remains. Cruz has exhibited his photographs of South American indigenous peoples and the rainforest in galleries from Rio de Janeiro to New York City.