Nana Gyetuah, 56  Dekoto Junction, Ghana by Phil Borges

Nana Gyetuah, 56  Dekoto Junction, Ghana

Nana Gyetuah, known as Madame Koko, is the first female chief of her village.  As chief, she has fought for the rights of the villagers whose cocoa trees were being destroyed by the timber industry.  When loggers destroyed and refused to repair a bridge, she mobilized her fellow villagers to create a roadblock.  Her superior, the “stool chief” had her arrested when she exposed the corrupt relationship he had with the timber industry.  After her release, she returned to seek restitution for her community’s ruined farmland.  Madame Koko’s strength as chief makes her a strong role model for the young women in her village, and she has successfully stopped the logging in her territory.

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