Open Hand, Nepal by Lisa Kristine

Open Hand, Nepal

Throughout mankind, sacred individuals have been present in every historical time, religion and native land. Perhaps humanity is incurably devoted to philosophy or religion as though instinctively driven to an inevitable resolve of one’s life. Universally, whether by one’s union with divinity in the form or formlessness of Gods and Goddesses, powers, miracles or mythical planes, anyone who is visibly connected to a sacred existence has been held reverentially. Perhaps he or she is a reminder of the finest aspiration or truth, the human and therefore tangible example of virtue and acceptance. Holy men, such as this elder, are mentors, guides, and advisors. They are faithful to bettering the world through helping others. On this early Nepali morning, the mature counsellor awaits those who choose to come.

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Pink Sari, India Prayer Beads, Western Tibet With this Prayer, Shangri La