MARISSA ROTH: “Infinite Light: A Photographic Meditation on Tibet”

Marissa Roth's "Infinite Light" photographs

Marissa Roth’s Infinite Light: A Photographic Meditation on Tibet is a visual poem of seventy-two color photographs of her impressions of Tibet, shot with some of the last available Kodachrome film, producing deep saturated color. Arranged in a continuous sequence, reflecting the colors of Tibetan prayer flags, the collection is akin to a walking meditation. Taken over the course of two separate trips, this project was the product of an abiding interest in Tibet and profound sense of spiritual connection to the people and the culture. The Infinite Light project also includes a limited edition book (published: Marquand, 2014) and traveling exhibition of the same name.

“[Infinite Light] is the reflection of my inner and outer journeys to this land and a very personal impressionistic view of what it feels like to be in Tibet. It is also a social and political statement and another cry for awareness about what is being irrevocably lost…My thoughts are held in these mountains and with these people” Marissa Roth

“Bathed in color and movement, Marissa Roth discovers a kind of liquid light. She photographed not so much an image but rather an energy, a sort of visual propulsion. Photographs not as nouns, but as verbs. This group of images then, offers a moment of the pulsing lifeblood, the wind, the color, and the flow of Tibet.” —Arthur Ollman, from Introduction to the “Infintie Light” exhibition

Hand-signed limited edition color photographs, archival pigment on paper prints

20 x 24 inches (editions/15) starting at $950. unframed

32 x 40 inches (editions/10)  starting at $2,500. unframed

Marissa Roth: Infinite Light photograph collection