“I have always treasured my mother’s poetry. When reading it recently, she gave me the idea of combining my images with her poetry to create a conversation back and forth about the idea expressed in each poem. She felt that we would understand each other, and writes in a poem to her daughters:

   The pattern born within my mind

    Is latent in their own. My wisdom

    May not be profound, but they will recognize

    Its likeness in their blood and bone.

The final book includes my large format black and white ice and snow patterns as well as photographs from Hawaii Volcanoes to California, and also several still life flower images. It has been said that my photography shows the extraordinary in the ordinary; the same comment has been made regarding my mother’s poetry.”

-Dorothy Kerper Monnelly


 In celebration of Mother’s Day autographed copies are available Order Book

For each poem, a photograph was chosen which speaks to the text in some way, developing a conversation between the two. The book is quiet and thoughtful, touching on the things that matter most in our lives.

This is the second book of photography by Dorothy Kerper Monnelly, following her much praised book of black and white landscapes, Between Land and Sea: The Great Marsh.

For My Daughters was published by Hudson Hills Press, Manchester and New York, and photokunst


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