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Mustang Where Tibet Still Leaves

MUSTANG: Where Tibet Still Lives

High atop the Tibetan Plateau lies the extremely remote mythic kingdom of Upper Mustang, sacred ancient birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism. The intent of this book is to capture its unique culture in a resplendent time capsule at the completion of meticulous efforts to preserve one of the world’s oldest and greatest vanishing cultures – not as a ‘museum’, but rather with a profoundly engaged and living culture, albeit perilously threatened.

Mustang: Where Tibet Still Lives with contributions by such luminaries as HH The Dalai Lama, Pico Iyer, spiritual travel writer (The Art Of Stillness), HH Sakya Trizin (head of the Tibetan Buddhism Sakya lineage and spiritual leader of Mustang), Luigi Fieni, Italian photographer and conservator of ancient artifacts and murals in the Himalayan region, as well as photographer Kenneth Parker, renowned large format landscape colorist, oceanographer and world traveler.

An enlightened preservation ethic unique to Upper Mustang has allowed for its truly distinctive Tibetan Buddhism traditions to continue untrammeled. Mustang’s  capital  Lo Monthang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site nominee, is considered by scholars to be the best-preserved medieval city in the world. Mentored by Luigi Fieni, Lobas trainees painstakingly restored its places of worship, contributing to the revitalization of its culture and heritage, hopefully for many years to come.

“[The Kingdom of Mustang] is one of the few places in the Himalayan region that has been able to retain its traditional Tibetan culture unmolested”  –HH The Dalai Lama

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