Happy Holidays!

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John Rowe: Ballet Nacional de Cuba

John Rowe, award-winning photographer and documentary filmmaker, has been collaborating with the world-renowned ballet company Ballet Nacional de Cuba. Rowe was drawn to Cuba as the focus of his next project because he finds it socially compelling and visually stunning.  As part of Rowe’s close relationship to the Cuban visual and performing arts community, he has forged a connection with the principal dancers: Prima Ballerina Viegnsay Valdes, Mauricio Abreuone, one of her leading men, and Prima Ballerina Sadaise Arencibiaas. He has also photographed the behind the scenes practice sessions of the corps de ballet.

Rowe’s work was featured at the Gran Teatro de la Habana, coinciding with the 25th Festival Internacional de Ballet de la Habana – a world famous festival held every year in Havana celebrating the art of ballet. The exhibition, in 2016, focused on Prima Ballerina Viengsay Valdés dancing Swan Lake. A second exhibition is scheduled for October 2018, and will feature new images from the Cuban National Ballet “behind the scenes”.

Rowe’s lyrical imagery, on stage as well as behind the scenes, evokes memories of Degas’ ballerinas, un-posed, with a special eye towards the dramatic play of light and shadow. In addition, the formal performances, with their stunning stage designs and costumes, highlight Cuba’s exciting visual art scene and its unique multicultural background.

For a decade Rowe has explored Cuba with his camera creating his most recent project “CubaNow”. Rowe was one of the first American photographers to visit Cuba and to dig deeply into Cuba’s contemporary culture and it’s evolving relationship to outside influences. In 2016, Rowe captured historic coverage of President Obama’s visit, the Rolling Stones concert, and the memorials and commemorations following Fidel Castro’s death. He has developed a profound appreciation for the contemporary Cuban visual and performing arts community.

Rowe’s work has been published by National Geographic, NBC News, CNN, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, and The Explorers Journal among others. He is a guest lecturer and Honorary Professor for audio visual arts at ISA, the University of the Arts in Havana, Cuba.

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Honoring Ernest H. Brooks II – plus Special Offer

Photokunst congratulates Ernest H. Brooks II, photographer, innovator, educator, marine environmentalist, and philanthropist, on his induction into the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum November 17, 2017.

Fellow inductees include Harry Benson, Edward Curtis, William Eggleston, Anne Geddes, Ryszard Horowitz, James Nachtwey, Cindy Sherman, Kenny Rogers, and Jerry Uelsmann. IPHF annually awards and inducts notable photographers or photography industry visionaries for their artistry, innovation, and significant contributions to the art and science of photography.

We are celebrating the event with a limited offer of a special collection and special pricing of Ernest Brooks’ photographs from the Fragile Waters museum exhibition. To honor Brooks, photokunst is donating a portion of the proceeds to The SeaDoc Society, to help protect the endangered Orca whales and marine life in the Salish Sea that surrounds us. Founded in 2000, the SeaDoc Society conducts and sponsors vital scientific research in the Salish Sea ecosystem, one of the most ecologically productive inland seas in the world, extending from Olympia, Washington to Campbell River, BC, and home to extraordinarily diverse fish and wildlife populations and more than 8 million people. They are non-profit program of the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center, a center of excellence at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Ernest H.Brooks II special print offer

Inquire or call 360.378.1028.

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Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

On Indigenous Peoples Day photokunst celebrates its photographers, whose work highlights the diversity, richness and challenges of Indigenous Peoples around the world.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted in 2007, one decade ago: photographers John Rowe, Carol Beckwith /Angela Fisher, Marissa Roth, Phil Borges, Chris Rainier, Colin Finlay, Thomas Kelly, and T.J. Dixon & James Nelson collectively have spent well over two centuries documenting the cultures of Indigenous populations.

Replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day started in the USA in 1977, as a result of a U.N. sponsored conference in Geneva, Switzerland. In every year since early October focuses attention on indigenous cultures and peoples. Beckwith and Fisher estimate that over 30% of the cultures they recorded no longer exist. All the artists here are in a race against time, documenting an ever-shrinking population of Indigenous Peoples domestically and internationally, a window to our collective past.

Hitiching A Ride, Suri Trime, Omo Valley, AfricanJohn Rowe’s Omo Valley book and photographs recorded the life and challenges of tribal people in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley caused by dramatic environmental changes in the region. Rowe also directed and produced the acclaimed full-length documentary film Omo Child: The River and the Bush which has won twenty-five festival awards, been featured on PBS, and has been instrumental in promoting a profound cultural shift in tribal customs in that area.

Barabaig Bride by Carol Beckwith & Angela FisherCarol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have explored more than 150 African cultures, producing sixteen widely acclaimed books and four films about traditional Africa. They have been granted unprecedented access to African tribal rites and ceremonies. Aware that tribal life in Africa is fast disappearing, Beckwith and Fisher are working with an urgency to complete their “African survey” with a new traveling exhibition African Twilight and 2 volume African Twilight book to be released in the fall of 2018 by Rizzoli.

Pilgrim Climbing the Steps at the Potala Palace, Tibet by Marissa RothMarissa Roth’s Infinite Light: A Photographic Meditation on Tibet exhibition opened at the Phoenix Art Museum on September 23, 2017. It is Roth’s self-described love letter to Tibet, evoking a highly personal, poetic depiction of the artist’s travels in 2007 and 2010. Featuring scenes of nature, art, and Buddhist practice and devotion, the exhibition captures Roth’s impressions of Tibet. Roth’s collection of color photographs captures the subtle beauty and profound spirituality of this ancient culture.

Lucille, Windy-Boy by Phil BorgesPhil Borges has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures, striving to create an understanding of the challenges they face. His award winning book Women Empowered, along with a traveling exhibition: Stirring the Fire: a global movement empowering women and girls, include Lucille Windy-Boy’s portrait.

Bedoin Woman Praying to the Pyramids, Giza by Chris rainierChris Rainier specializes in documenting indigenous cultures. His life’s mission is to aid the empowerment of Indigenous peoples, enhancing their cultures and lives, through photography as well as advocacy. He has published 3 books; Keepers of the Spirit, Where Masks Still Dance, and Ancient Marks with related traveling exhibition.

Darfur, South Sudan by Colin finlayColin Finlay has chronicled the human condition with compassion, empathy, dignity and with a focus on climate change and its affect on the indigenous population in his powerful traveling exhibition of consequence. The image above depicts the result of South Sudan’s changing climate, advancing desert and lessening rainfall, followed by conflict and starvation. Finlay has covered war and conflict, disappearing traditions, the environment, genocide, famine and global cultures.

Marigold Baba, Nepal byThomas KellyThomas Kelly is an internationally recognized photographer who has lived in Southeast Asia for nearly 30 years. He documents the struggles of marginalized peoples and cultures with a special emphasis on Asia. His book and traveling exhibition Sadhus – The Great Renouncers captured the ascetic Sadhu ritual practices (sadhanas), involving demanding yoga postures and colorful body imagery.

I am Carlos, 2013 by TJ Dixon and James NelsonT.J. Dixon & James Nelson’s traveling exhibition, De Las Sombras: Out of the Shadows, is the result of four years spent documenting the story of one Mexican indigenous immigrant family, their obstacles, fears, family ties and pursuit of the American dream.

“I am brown yes, but my dream…white as paper..” –Ricardo V.

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Marissa Roth – Close-up

Marissa Roth, a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, documentary photographer and curator was born and raised in Los Angeles. Lauded internationally, Roth has been designated a Leica Ambassador, sponsored by Leica London and was recently appointed a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.

Roth’s Infinite Light: A Photographic Meditation on Tibet, a traveling exhibition, is being featured at the Phoenix Art Museum from September 23 –February 18, 2018. This fine art photography installation, akin to a walking meditation, is a visual poem of her impressions of Tibet. A limited edition book by the same title, with a foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, was released in 2014.

These images are evocative of the atmosphere she [Roth] found in Tibet, where a rich and ancient culture,
an unbowed people,
and a pristine natural environment struggle to survive.   H.H. the Dalai Lama


Ascending Pilgrims and Descending Monk


Roth’s current work includes several projects. First, as curator, she is in the early stages of researching a retrospective exhibition about Frank Hurley, the Australian photographer,  who was selected by Sir Ernest Shackleton to document the 1914 Endurance expedition to Antarctica. The exhibition will debut in 2020. Roth will deliver a lecture on Frank Hurley Frank Hurley; A Photographer’s Epic Vision at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, Ca.

Understanding the importance of the still images taken with multiple photographic mediums – glass negatives, gelatin negatives, color transparencies – is critical. By showing the human scale and geographical sense of place, they have provided a collective visual account that uniquely showcases this expedition. Who was Frank Hurley as a man, and what inspired and informed him as a photographer? Where did he come from, and what can we, in our new modern age, learn from the work and life of this cutting edge, forward-looking thinker and 20th century photographic master?”

Second, as a photographer, Roth has been retained by the Vancouver Holocaust Education Center to take portraits of its regional Holocaust survivors to create the Center’s core exhibition. She originated a similar portrait project, Witness to Truth, of Holocaust survivors in Los Angeles, which was commissioned by The Museum of Tolerance/Simon Wiesenthal Center and is on permanent exhibition in the museum.


Monica Smith, One Person Crying collection


Third, with the focus of the nation on Ken Burns’ Vietnam series, it should be noted that Roth curated an exhibition last year along with a catalog, My War: Wartime Photographs by Vietnam Veterans, comprised of personal photographs poems, diary entries and letters by Vietnam veterans. Roth’s exhibition debuted at The Highground Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park in Neillsville, WI, in 2016. 

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Jamey Stillings Exhibition in Pingyao China

Jamey Stillings was recently honored with a solo exhibition at the 2017 Pingyao International Photography Festival, one of China’s most influential festivals held annually in Pingyao, a UNESCO world heritage site in north central China. Stillings was in attendance for the opening festivities.

The theme of this year’s festival was “original inspiration; a brighter future”. Stillings’ exhibition’s thirty aerial photographs were drawn from several of his projects: The Bridge at Hoover Dam, The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar and Changing Perspectives, with works created in the USA, Japan and Uruguay.

The exhibition ran from September 19-26, 2017. Last year’s exhibition attendance was almost a quarter of a million people. Some 50 professional institutions, 60 colleges from China and abroad, and more than 2,000 photographers from some 30 countries and regions, including Russia, the United States and New Zealand, joined in China’s biggest photography event.

Jamey Stillings with photographers Marcus Lyon and A Yin

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Women’s Rights Are Human Rights


photokunst brings exhibitions of cause-oriented fine art photography and photo journalism to institutions worldwide. photokunst’s commitment to engagement, education and advocacy for women’s rights globally are exemplified in three of our current traveling exhibitions:

Dixon & Nelson exhibition:De Las Sombras/Out of the Shadows

T.J. Dixon & James Nelson

DE LAS SOMBRAS: Out of the Shadows

Marissa Roth exhibition: ONE PERSON CRYING Women and WarG

Marissa Roth


Phil Borges exhibition: Stirring the FirePhil Borges

STIRRING THE FIRE: A Global Movement to Empower Women & Girls

Visit our booth at the American Alliance of Museums’ MUSEUM EXPO May 7-10 in St. Louis

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Happy Holidays

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Holiday Book Offerings

The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar, published by SteidlHappy Thanksgiving


We are delighted to annouce  Dorothy Kerper Monnelly’s  third book waterforms (Kettler Verlag, 2016), presenting a stunning collection of 70 black and white photographic abstractions, capturing the effects of water on the shoreline environment and natural surfaces.


Kerper Monnelly’s large format black and white abstractions provide a departure from reality, sometimes slight, sometimes partial, and in the case of her Ice Patterns the move to abstraction is complete.  However, the origin is always nature, unmanipulated, and unstaged.


“There is a “calligraphy” of ice and snow, water and stone. Each has a root language, spoken in different accents, as the water stills to ice, or falls as snow, or freezes into crevices, expanding, splitting stone. It is not easily deciphered. Kerper Monnelly has a clear sense of the grammar of her images. She has created a lexicon, beyond her subject matter.”
—Arthur Ollman, founding Director of MOPA, San Diego


Order waterforms:

US: Amazon.com
Europe: Kettler Verlag (publisher)
French edition: Amazon.Fr


Visit our full selection of books

by photokunst photographers




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Exciting Book Project News

photokunst book project newsCongratulations to photokunst photographer Jamey Stillings and his monograph The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar (Steidl, 2015) on winning IPA’s 2016 “Book Photographer of the Year” and becoming a Finalist for Lucie’s Grandprize “Photographer of the Year” Award (winner to be announced in NYC October 23).

Stillings study of the Ivanpah Solar installation synthesizes his environmental interests with a long-held fascination for the intersections of nature and human activity. The book reproduces 60 compelling black-and-white images, along with contributions from Bruce Barcott, Robert Redford and Anne Wilkes Tucker. The timeliness of this project is reinforced by the current worldwide focus on climate and alternative energy.

Order a signed book
Info about The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar exhibition

Kudos to photokunst photographer Dorothy Kerper Monnelly on the release of her latest book waterforms (Kettler Verlag, 2016), presenting a stunning collection of 70 black and white photographic abstractions, capturing the effects of water on the shoreline environment and natural surfaces. This body of work has been developed over a thirty-five year span. Introduction by Arthur Ollman, founding Director of MOPA, San Diego, CA.

Kerper Monnelly’s large format black and white abstractions provide a departure from reality, sometimes slight, sometimes partial, and in the case of her Ice Patterns the move to abstraction is complete. However, the origin is always nature; unmanipulated, and unstaged. Through her observations Kerper Monnelly refined her own visual language, a lyrical abstraction, encompassing fundamental changes taking place by photographing with a unique point of view. Kerper Monnelly feels strongly that waterforms represents her deepest and most significant work, exploring alternatives within her visual experience.

Order Book:  Germany  France  USA- pending on Amazon
US Distribution: ACCdistribution.com/us

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